Tuesday AM June 1st, 2010

social networkingA social presence can be an easy way to promote a business. It can allow for endorsements of service offerings and attract new customers.ξ Microsoft's Zane Naboulsi says businesses need to pay attention to their online persona.

"Social networking can definitely be a huge advantage.ξ In Facebook, for example, Microsoft has fan pages for a lot of our product lines.ξ We manage the message on the fan pages.ξ We're able to then, at that point, really get out our key points about various products or let people know about events and so forth.ξ That's important stuff.ξ Businesses who don't pay attention to those things, you could definitely either lose business or, in fact, lose a job."

Naboulsi says firms should have policies that allow for social networking.

"Companies, if they allow people to blog—and they should allow their people to blog and Tweet and get on Facebook and so on and so forth—that's good advertising for the company.ξ For an individual or company or just about anything, they'll go to their search engine of choice, and of course mine is Microsoft Bing.ξ And I'll type in the name.ξ I Binged you this morning, and it turns out you have, let's see here, about 168,000 entries.ξ And I could dig through that and there's all kinds of information about you there."

More information can be found at www.microsoft.com/privacy.


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