Investigators Lack Evidence in Ali Lowitzer Case

Ali Lowitzer was riding home from school and told her mom she planned to swing by the burger joint where she worked and pick up her paycheck.

She got off the bus and was never heard from again. That was a month ago.

"Everything we know about Ali, especially coming from her parents — Ali's not the kind of person to just up and run away for over a month."

That's John Lowitzer, Ali's dad. He says the Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating, but there's so little to go on they can't upgrade it to a Missing Person or Homicide case. And he says that's extremely frustrating.

"Unfortunately, still being classified as a runaway, we still don't have access to other resources such as FBI or even CrimeStoppers. You know we can't even get any assistance from CrimeStoppers because the Harris County Sheriff's Department still has her tagged as a runaway."

The problem, from a legal standpoint, is no one reports seeing anything or anyone suspicious. And there are no leads from Ali herself. It's as though she disappeared into thin air.

Sheriff's Office Spokeswoman Christina Garza says homicide investigators are looking at the facts just in case runaway investigators overlooked something.

"In this instance, there's no sign of foul play that our investigators have detected. So it has been considered a runaway. Now it's a runaway/missing person again because we don't have concrete evidence that it's one or the other. But we're simply just wanting to make sure that we've looked at everything possible, we want to make sure that we've used the resources that we have and unfortunately at this point we haven't gotten very far."

Lowitzer says he understands why the authorities can't change the status of the case. And he says he'd love to believe Ali simply ran away, that's the easiest option to consider.

"I know in my heart of hearts that something is not right. For Ali to be gone this long or to be gone even a week is very uncharacteristic of her. She's very creature-comfort — she likes her home, she likes her bed, she likes her animals. She has a small core of friends. So just from me knowing that about her — nothing of this suggests to me that she's a runaway."

Anyone with any information about the case can contact the Harris County Sheriff's Office or the Laura Recovery Center, a non-profit organization that assists in cases of missing or abducted children.

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