Houston Targets Condemned Homes On "Demolition Day"

Assistant Chief Mark Curran is with the Houston Neighborhood Protection Corps — the arm of the police department that deals with nuisance issues.

"Dangerous buildings, weeded lots, junked motor vehicles, trash complaints... rats."

Curran says a typical Demolition Day results in about 70 to 80 condemned homes reduced to rubble.ξ But this year, Mayor Annise Parker upped the ante — to 200 homes.ξ Curran says his crew scouted 250 homes the Building and Standards Commission deemed unworthy to continue standing...

"And in some cases, the owners heard we were coming out there, and took the buildings down ahead of time.ξ So we're looking like we're gonna take down at least 200.ξ But on this particular day, we're gonna shoot for 185."

Curran says if they can take down that many homes on Saturday, it could help the city set a new record for the most homes demolished in a fiscal year — between 850 and 900. Most of the demolitions will happen in the Fifth Ward, Trinity Houston Gardens, and Acres Homes neighborhoods.ξ Several homes will also be taken down in Sunnyside and Brookhollow.ξξξ And even though the contractors are donating their services for Demolition Day, the city will still present the owners of the condemned properties a bill for their removal.

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