Final Spacewalk for Atlantis Astronauts

Shuttle Atlantis is nearing the end of its final mission with one major project remaining. Tomorrow, Astronauts Garrett Reisman and Michael Good will spend nearly seven hours outside the ISS for the final spacewalk of the mission.

NASA Flight Director Mike Sarafin says they'll install a backup device for the photovoltaic cooling system and replace two batteries.

"Once that's complete, the crew, Mike Good and Garrett Reisman, will wrap up their work at the Port 6 worksite, way out on the port end of the International Space Station's truss, bring some tools that they've stowed outside there inboard on the rotary joint of the solar arrays and that will allow future space walks to be expedited from there."

Once the spacewalk is complete, just a few tasks remain before Atlantis undocks and makes its final landing next week.

NASA will retire Atlantis after 25 years on the shuttle fleet. ξ

This image features space shuttle Atlantis's cabin and forward cargo bay and part of the International Space Station while the two spacecraft remain docked during STS-132 mission's Flight Day 4 extravehicular activity.

Though three sessions of extravehicular activity will involve only three astronauts (two on each occasion) who actually leave the shirt-sleeve environments of the two docked spacecraft, all twelve astronauts and cosmonauts on the two combined crews have roles in supporting the EVA work.


Photo credit: NASA May 17, 2010

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