Thursday AM May 12th, 2010


"It's not as developed as other countries.ξ They haven't had the funds and there hasn't been the foreign investment to build it up.ξ So what they call a five-star hotel might not actually be a five-star hotel, if you compare it with one say on Paradise Island or Miami.ξ There are trained guides, there are people who speak English.ξ I guess the best thing is to start making those calls and sending those emails to our Congress people."

Cuba has a tourism infrastructure. It's a favorite vacation spot for European travelers.


"We've had over 6,000 people who took the time to answer out quick survey.ξ Ninety percent of the people responding to this survey have said that they would love to go to Cuba if they could.ξ There's a huge interest, and I suspect that when that bill that's in committee right now passes, there'll be a tidal wave of travelers."ξξ

Goldman says if Congress decides to open up travel to Cuba in, for example, September, she could have a tour package ready the next month.

Cuba Beach


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