MS 150 Could Ride in the Rain

Rain is in the forecast for the next couple of days, but the MS 150's Kelly Dreiling says they don't expect it to disrupt the ride as much as it did last year, when parts of it were canceled because of heavy rain and flooding.

"As it is right now, we think the weather might be a little worse on Sunday than on Saturday but it still doesn't look like a lot of rain, so we might be in pretty good shape."

The ride started small in 1985, with only 237 riders, but has grown to an endeavor that expects to raise $18 million this year for the 20,000 people living with MS in Texas. Dreiling says there are three starting points this weekend.

"One of them is going to at the Omni Westside hotel, located at Eldridge and I-10, which is new for us. In the past 20-something years, we've used Tully Stadium off of Dairy Ashford and unfortunately we're not able to use that location this year because of some construction. And then theξother two, there's one in Katy, which is at Rhodes Stadium and then the third one is up in Waller at the new Waller Stadium."

The ride stops in La Grange for a night and then ends in Austin on Sunday, a total of around 180 miles.

"We ask for anybody who is a family member or a friend to stay off the main route. We do notξ actually close the roads, they're open for theξregular traffic. So we just try to eliminate how many people are out there, so any family and friends can join the alternate routes. Those maps are on our website. It's"

The Houston to Austin ride is the National MS Society's biggest event.ξ

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