Tough Competition for Galveston Police Jobs

Galveston Police Chief Charles Wiley says nearly 740 people met last Thursday's deadline to fill out an application.ξ

They hope to be among those selected for 15 job openings in the department, which has been under a hiring freeze since Hurricane Ike swept through a year and a half ago.

But before any hiring can begin, the city has to figure out whether property and other tax collections have rebounded to the point where it can offer jobs.ξ Budget talks are expected to begin soon.

When it's fully staffed, the Galveston Police Department has 170 officers.ξ A police cadet with no experience starts out at $30,000 a year.ξ Experienced officers have salaries in the mid-40's.ξξ All recent applicants will take a civil service exam on Saturday.

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