An Exclusive Club of Survivors

Eight police officers were promoted to the rank of sergeant, while one sergeant received his bars as lieutenant.ξ Acting Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland says one of the strengths of the department is to promote new leadership of the ranks.

"And it's also important to our rank and file to know that there's upward mobility, that if you work hard, you know, dedicate yourself to your craft, study hard, that there's no limit. I mean, I started off in 1977 as a cadetξ and obviously had no idea that I would reach the pinnacle of this organization, but those type things are possible."

Before the promotions were handed out, two officers were inducted into the International Association of Chiefs of Police-DuPont Kevlar Survivors' Club. Sr. Police officer Pat Siddon says he is alive thanks to his protective vest that
absorbed a potentially fatal blast from a fire department water hose.

"Your vest can save you from other things other than bullets and I don't think anybody could have imagined the pressure from a fire department ladder truck could do what it does, and about 180 to 200 pounds per square inch, it would be like a sledge hammer hitting somebody. Very fortunate to be here."

The club pays tribute to those police officers who have the foresight to "dress for survival."

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