New Personalized Plates Roll Out

The new plates are called "'T' is For Texas."ξ It's a challenge to explain what they look like without the help of pictures.. but here goes.ξ The plates start off with the letter "T"—followed by six characters.

"It allows a combination that's been taken for a couple of decades to be sorta back out there in circulation, just in this different form."

Kim Miller Drummond is with, the private company that designs and sells personalized license plates to raise money for the state.ξξ She says drivers can play off the letter "T" in their spelling.ξ But if they don't want or need to, there is enough separation between it and the six other characters that drivers can put their name or anything else that'll fit — even if it's the same six characters that another driver has long since claimed.

"Putting that 'T' out front makes its different legally, right?ξ So the state wouldn't be issuing an identical license plate.ξ But it would still allow people to have that coveted combination."

The cost of the plates ranges from $95 for one year, to $495 for ten years.ξ That's on top of annual registration fees.ξ Starting in the fall, drivers will be able to use all seven characters, without being forced to take the "T" at the beginning.ξ Those plates will cost even more.ξ Pictures of the new "T is for Texas" plates can be found at

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