Texas City Gets Fed Cash To Rebuild Dike

This week, Texas City received about half of the $5 million the federal government promised to rebuild the dike.

The money comes about four months later than expected.ξ City officials, having grown tired of waiting, recently decided to move forward with construction.ξ Now, with the federal cash in hand, the city won't have to come up with the money from its own accounts.

The first contracts for rebuilding the dike are scheduled to be awarded early next month, with construction expected to wrap up sometime in the fall.ξ The dike will remain off limits to visitors and traffic until all work is completed.

Texas City Mayor Matt Doyle says when the dike is back in business, it'll look different than it did before Hurricane Ike.ξ Two bait camps and a lighted fishing pier will not be rebuilt.ξ The dike itself will have a more park-like atmosphere.. and the beach will be in better shape because of sediment builup, and the lack of use.

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