Texas Dems Criticize AG Abbott

The lawsuit alleged the new health care bill is unconstitutional. Attorney General Abbott contends a provision in the law — a mandate that people purchase health insurance — violates the Commerce Clause.

Houston Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee says she wants to know why the suit was filed within forty eight hours of the bill passing. Jackson Lee says there's no way Abbott could have read the two-thousand plus pages so quickly.

"These political law suits will have to be drawn down. There is no other reason that politicizing, grandstanding and trying to oppose the leadership President Barack Obama has shown."

Jackson Lee says she has not reached out to Abbott, and he has not contacted her. More than a dozen other Attorneys Generals have filed similar lawsuits. Legal experts say the lawsuits have little chance to succeed.

From Capitol News Connection, Peter Granitz, KUHF, Houston Public Radio News.

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