Teacher Hunt in California

HISD recruiters are in California looking to hire teachers from a state that is facing a financial crisis:

"California school districts have issued in recent weeks, more than 23-thousand pink slips to California public school educators."

Mike Myslinski with the California Teachers Union says the Golden state is having to deal with a budget deficit of 20-billion dollars.

"These pink slips that have gone out to teachers are a direct reflection of that, and it's just been devastating on many levels to our communities, to our parents, to our students who are seeing their teachers being shoved out the door by these massive cuts."

California's misfortune could be a boon for Houston. Sarah Greer Osborne with the HISD says recruiters are looking to fill three critical shortage areas.

"It can be pretty lucrative, I mean bilingual education and secondary math and secondary science teachers could get a 6-thousand dollar hiring bonus. Special education teachers could be offered a 5-thousand hiring bonus in an effort to lure talent from outside Texas. We're also for the first time offering a 15-hundred dollar relocation incentive."

Osborne says after California, HISD will travel to Louisiana, Michigan and Florida in search of qualified teachers.

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