The Front Row, Thursday, 03/04/2010

This evening atξ7:30PM in the Moores Opera House on the University of Houston's central campus Trio Solari — U-H Visiting Professor of Violin, Sean Wang ... clarinetist Chad Burrow ... and pianist Amy Cheng — present A Celebration of Four Styles, a program of chamber works by 20th century composers, Darius Milhaud, Igor Stravinsky, Aram Khachaturian and B’©la Bart’_k.ξThey share excperts from their program with St. John Flynn in the Geary Performance Studio.ξ Listen Downloadξ Extended Interview

Sean Patrick Judge plays the character known as "Prologue" ... Caleb George portrays "The Man" ... and Matt Huff stage-directed the Mildred's Umbrella Theater Company production of Will Eno's 2004 Oppenheimer-Award-winning play, The Flu Season.ξThere are through March Thirteenth at the Midtown Arts Center. St. John Flynn chats with Judge and George about the prduction.ξ Listen Download

ξKUHF's Chris Johnson, speaks with members of the international new-music trio, MURAL:ξ guitarist Kim Myhr and percussionist Ingar Zach of Norwayξ ... and Australian flutist and saxophonist Jim Denley.ξ MURAL is in Houston as part of their first US tour, and they perform tonight at 7:00PM at the Rothko Chapel and share their recorded music on today's program.ξ Listen Download
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