UH May Increase Tuition

UH Provost John Antel says the tuition hike is necessary for the university to keep up with inflation and to maintain its student-faculty ratio.

The proposed 3.95 percent increase means the average student would have to come up with an extra $137.52 each semester to cover the typical 12 hour course-load.

Twenty percent of the tuition hike would be set aside to increase student financial aid programs.ξ UH will also raise the income ceiling on a program that covers tuition and fees for up to four years for students who keep up their grades.ξξ Another part of the plan would offer freshmen who earn 30 credit hours per year 3-thousand dollars to cover their tuition and fees.

While regular semester courses would become a bit more expensive, summer undergrad courses would be discounted by five percent.ξ The school says encouraging students to take extra classes and graduate sooner would save them even more money in the long-run.

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