Monday AM February 15th, 2010

medical booksThe funding is from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.ξ The grants will allow community colleges, community-based organizationsξ and state workforce agencies to deliver job training in a range of health care fields and other high-growth industries.ξ Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis made the announcement in a conference call.

"And these are not just jobs.ξ These are precisely the kinds of jobs that offer good pay, benefits and opportunities for advancement.ξ All of the 55 programs receiving funding today are partnering with local businesses and other groups to make sure that the workers who enroll in their programs have jobs awaiting for them when they complete their training.ξ These grants are a good example of what the Recovery Act is all about.ξ We're helping workers get into good jobs as quickly as possible to generate economic activity."ξξ

Solis says its not just the health care industry that will benefit.

"While many of these organizations will prepare workers in health care careers, a number will also focus on job training for other industries, from renewable energy to aviation to biotechnology.ξ There are regional demands for workers in a variety of skilled occupations.ξ With this announcement today, the Department of Labor has now provided job training Recovery Act funding to programs in all 50 states for high-growth industries like health care and renewable energy."ξ

About $25 million is reserved for projects serving communities impacted by automotive industry restructuring.ξ


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