ICE Raid in Southeast Houston

The business was thought to be a transportation company; however, authorities say illegal immigrants were stored in a house behind the store-front. A nearby business owner who asked not to be identified says he and other locals have been suspicious of the business for a while.

"It's a touring type business out there and you'll never see people out there. You'll see people get there and they'll just run inside. The whole two years they been there, they didn't look like a business that was out there. You'll see the vans come in late night and sometimes in the morning time, but you'll never really see people. The tinted windows were so tinted."

He says he noticed undercover cops staking out the area for a couple of months.

"You'll see one right there, and then another one at the car wash and they'll just be switching up cars every day for the last two months."

Another local business owner says he saw a helicopter swoop in around 9AM along with armed ICE agents and an armored vehicle. He says he heard what sounded like explosives, and was told to stay inside. The number of suspected immigrants found on the property has not been disclosed yet.

ICE conducted at least one more similar operation in the area. Officials will be releasing more information at a press conference tomorrow.
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