Wednesday AM 3rd, 2010

Almost 170 high school students will think of solutions to an energy supply disruption scenario.ξ Linda Wuest is with the World Affairs Council, which is sponsoring the Student Energy Summit.

"Europe is caught in the coldest winter since records have been kept, and there are simultaneous explosions in the energy pipelines that surround Europe.ξ Ukraine, Russia, Georgia terrorist bombings have interrupted the supply of gas and oil to Europe.ξ And, as the final straw, a tanker has been blown up in the Bosphorus.ξ So Europe is effectively cut off from energy supplies, and what do the students do?"ξ

Crisis simulation is presented by Yates High School journalism students in the form of a television newscast.ξ The idea is to interest students in energy careers.

"We have a geo-scientist, a petroleum engineer, we have someone talking about energy finance.ξ Energy is a global industry and energy prices that are impacted in Europe are going to affect our energy prices here at home, even if we're not technically affected by the cold winter.ξ Experts from Houston-area companies will do break-out sessions for the students, responding to the energy crisis that was just presented."

The Student Energy Summit is set for this afternoon at the Boy Scouts of America Sam Houston Area Council Building on North Loop West.

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