Too Many Shootings Involving Police Officers

Members ofξ the Greater Houston Coalition of Justice say there have been too many shooting incidents involving Houston Police officers. Randall Kallinen is a civil rights attorney and president of the AmericanξRights Association. He says in 2009, Houston police officers shot and killed 15 and wounded 17 more. He adds any information regarding the incidents is not available for public review.

"So, we need an open, an independent, non-governmental investigation into this huge increase in woundings of civilians and deaths of civilians by HPD."

Sylvia Gonzales of LULAC, civil rights attorney Randall Kallinen, and Johnny Mata with the Greater Houston Coalition of JusticeAnother coalition member is Sylvia Gonzales of LULAC, The League of United Latin American Citizens. She says in the 130-history of the HPD, there have never been so many shootings.

"Not only do we wants an independent investigation, but we want the mayor to appoint a citizens review committee brand new, because we want her from start, brand new with all the different committees, and appoint a brand new citizens review committee, so us as citizens, can participate and review some of these cases."

In a written statement, the HPD says, "Every incident involving an officer discharging a weapon at a citizen is scrutinized more than any other incident by a number of entities."

It goes on to say that "training policies and procedures are constantly reviewed to ensure the utmost safety for officers and citizens."

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