Volunteers Needed to Help Count the Homeless

The reason for two counts this year is to make the result as accurate as possible. Houston City Council Member Wanda Adams says it's believed the count two years ago was not accurate.

"This is one of the ways that, if we can increase our numbers, that we will be able to get more funding here in Houston."

HUD bases funding on the need in the community.ξ The information is also used by other government agencies to determine the need for assistance.

To get the most accurate count the area will be divided into quadrants and volunteers will fan out to contact as many homeless people as possible.ξ You can volunteer and find out the quadrant headquarters nearest you at the Coalition for the Homeless website.

"And they're asking everyone to be there by 8 o'clock P-M to get trained so we can disperse about nine."

Council Member Adams says they expect the count to last from 9PM until 2 AM tonight and next Friday night.

You'll find information on volunteering and meeting locations at the Coalition for the Homeless website.

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