Councilmembers Irate Over Delayed HFD Report

It started back in July when two female firefighters alleged they were the victims of racial and sexual harrassment at Fire Station 54.

An investigation by the Office of Inspector General ensued. The city is still waiting for a final report.

Councilmember Clarence Bradford, who is a former Houston police chief, told Mayor Annise Parker she should demand that report from the OIG.

"I call on the Administration to step forward and insist that OIG produce the report, or at least provide an update saying the report is not complete and here's a timeline for completion of such a report. That is a lingering negative in the department that's not going to go away, even with the resignation of our fire chief. The issue that hits all of that, in my view, is that outstanding OIG investigation."

Mayor Parker says she's unhappy about the status of the investigation and hasn't heard any updates on when a final report will be released.

"I have been pushing the Office of Inspector General to get the final report to me, but I am not going to rush any police work that needs to be done. This is about justice, after all."

Parker says one of the issues that may be holding up the report now is that in his final days as police chief, Harold Hurtt requested an FBI review of the OIG's investigation. That review has not been completed.

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