Houston's Response to Haiti

Houston Red Cross organizers say the local role in the Haiti relief efforts is to help people who want to help.

Spokesman Russell Hubbard says the primary way they do that is through cash donations.

"And that's through 1-800-RED-CROSS by calling, by going online to redcross.org and making a financial contribution and the most amazing fundraising efforts we've seen to date have been through the mobile donations by people texting "Haiti" to 90999 and making a $10 contribution."

The American Red Cross pledged $10 million for initial relief efforts in Haiti. Hubbard says they'll have teams on the ground for quite some time and cash donations are the best way to support the recovery process.

"Red Cross teams from other communities are delivering clean drinking water, and of course food as well, to those that are in need. And that will continue to go on and this is going to be a long-term operation, so those donations that are coming in will help immediately and in the long-term."

The Houston Chapter also has a local disaster responder on standby who will go into Haiti as part of the second wave
of relief teams.

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