Hard Freeze Causes Minor Interruptions

It may seem like just a little cold snap to folks from up north, but for southeast Texans this is winter like we never see it.

Alvin Wright with the City of Houston Public Works Department says no major problems occured overnight as a result of the freeze.

"What we have been experiencing, which we expected to occur, is a higher number than usual of water main breaks that have occured throughout the city. We're addressing those as they come in. And we expected them because, as we do during the summer months, when we have extreme temperatures either up or down we're going to experience those type of situations."

Wright says on a normal day they get about 120 reports of water main breaks. Right now, they're responding to about 170 breaks.

"Most of them are minor breaks, but because of the temperatures we want to make sure that we address those as quickly as possible, especially on the ones that occur near major roadways."

Wright says water main breaks near major roadways take priority because they could create icy conditions if left unrepaired.

Public works employees are on call for another hard freeze tonight when temperatures are expected to drop even lower.

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