ADL Warns of Growth of White Supremacist Prison Gang

The ADL says Aryan Circle has grown to at least 1,400 members, making it the second largest white supremacist gang in Texas, second only to the Aryan Brotherhood.

But the ADL says unlike other groups of its type, Aryan Circle is a more organized, running a for-profit criminal enterprise to spread its message.ξ Those activities, according to the ADL, range from drug making and identity theft, to murder.

Dena Marks with the ADL says another thing that sets Aryan Circle apart is the role of women.ξ

"Women can have a very high involvement in Aryan Circle.ξ They can't make it all the way to the top, but they have a high degree of involvement.ξξ They might be a girlfriend, somebody who is a loved one, and they get involved in a lot of cases that way."

As far as what's actually fueling the growth of the Aryan Circle, the ADL says it can't point to any broad, national trends, such as the ongoing debate over illegal immigration, or the election of President Obama.

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