New Website To Help Houstonians Make Sense Of The Flu

One of the key parts of the ""ξ website is a continuously updated list of locations where people can get free flu vaccines.

Dr. David Persse is Houston's Public Health Authority.ξ He says while there's already a wealth of information out there about the flu, this website tackles some of the more complicated issues surrounding flu viruses, and how they're affecting Houston.ξ

"As an example, right now we're hearing the H1N1 seems to becoming less active in the community.ξ Well, that's to be expected.ξ We know that pandemic flus behave this way, where they come in waves.ξ And let's not forget about the seasonal flu.ξ We have to expect the seasonal flu is going to come right on schedule at the end of December, beginning of January, like it always does."

Dr. Persse says the site also invites visitors to ask questions to clear up any confusion they may have about seasonal and Swine flu.

"And this really allows the public who may be having something in particular about their situation that they weren't able to find the answer anywhere.ξ And we'll try to find out the best answer we can for your specific situation." also has tips for employers on how to keep outbreaks from spreading, and for parents on how to know when to keep children home from school.ξ A Spanish language version of the site is expected to be online in the next two weeks.


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