Early Voting for Run-Off Wraps Up

As of late last night, nearly 61,000 voters had cast their ballots in the runoff elections for Houston mayor, city controller, five city council seats, and two spots on the HISD board.

That's about 11,000 more voters compared to the first eight days of early voting leading up to last month's general election.ξ

Kevin Mauzy is the Chief Deputy in the Harris County Clerk's office.ξ He says he's not surprised that more people are voting early in the runoff.

"Now that the field's been narrowed down, people are better able to focus on particular candidates.ξ There's not a reluctance or hesitancy.ξ They would know who they wanna vote for and go ahead and vote."

The busiest early voting polling place has been the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center on West Gray.ξ It has accounted for more than ten percent of the in-person vote.ξ Early voting wraps up tonight at 7.ξ The election is Saturday.


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