The Front Row, Monday, 12/07/2009

Houston artists Divya Murthy and Nicola Parente speak with KUHF's Meghan Hendley about their paired installations, Natural Recyclers and Wasted Resolve, on view at the Art League Houston on Montrose Boulevard, through the end of the year.ξ Listen Download

Guitar Houston presents the Texas Guitar Quartet — Alejandro Montiel ... Isaac Bustos ... Jonathan Dotson ... and Mitchell Weverka — in recital ... Saturday evening atξ8:00PMξat Houston's Emerson Unitarian-Universalist Church on Bering Drive. Members of the TXGQ gather in KUHF's Geary Performance Studio for a preview session hosted by Chris Johnson. Listen Downl0ad

Choreographer Jennifer Wood, founder and Artistic Director of Houston's Suchu Dance company, speaks with KUHF's Catherine Lu. Suchu Dance presents Ms. Wood's latest full-length piece, The Formers, this Friday and Saturday night at 8:00PM, and Sunday evening atξ7:00PM at the Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex on Preston Street at Hutchins, downtown. Listen Download

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