Galveston has Money for Ike Damaged Homes

"We have a great deal of money and it does us no good if we can't serve our residents"

That's why Sterling Patrick, the city's director of Grants and Housing wants those eligible to apply for the financial help. To be eligible the current owner must have been the owner when the home was damaged by Ike and it must be a single family home or a duplex. The property owner does not have to live in Galveston or even Texas to qualify.

Patrick says the 160-million dollars is for phase one of the new program.

"We are looking to serve our low and moderate income residents and our senior residents and our disabled residents on a first come priority bases."

The Texas Department of Community Affairs is working with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on the second round of funding that will eventually help even more island residents.

Homeowners can apply online or by calling Camp, Dresser and McKee, the firm the city's hired to help administer the funds.

You may also pick up an application at Galveston City Hall, visitξthe City of Galveston Recoversξwebsite, or callξ409-797-3773.


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