U.S. Postal Service Hiring

The unemployment rate in Texas has been 8% or higher for three consecutive months so the number of people applying for the jobs may be larger then normal.ξ That's just fine according the Post Office's Dionne Montague.ξ She says there are a number of temp jobs available.

"We're looking for mail handlers, clerks, mail processors, tractor trailer operators.ξ The positions will run from now until the end of January."

They pay nine to twelve dollars an hour and could turn in to something more permanent.

"We do sometimes when we have a good employee turn a temporary casual into a transitional employee which then could lead to a permanent position."

The application process is taking place online at usps.com/employment. Once there search for the "jobs online" link on the right side of the page. To qualify you must pass a background check and a drug test. Be a citizen or have a Permanent Alien resident card, be 18 and will to work nights and weekends.

The applicants who meet all the criteria will get an email with an interview date.ξ And it's all going to happen pretty quickly.ξ The jobs start this Saturday.

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