Texans vs Titans

Its several hours before kickoff and the parking lot at Reliant Stadium is already filling up with Texans fans just starting to pop open the drinks and put the food on the grill.

"We got some t-bone steaks over here, some rib-eye fajitas, brisquets, sausage, beef and chicken fajitas. A little bit of everything."

The Texans have been playing pretty well lately and many fans believe this game could make or break the season.

This Texans fan Lou Lee.

"This game is the most important game of the Texan's history. They win this game, I think they're on the way. I think they'll go to the playoffs if they win this game tonight and we gotta take Vince Young out."

The Texans are in the national spotlight playing on Monday Night Football for the second year in a row.

They're also taking on former Longhorn star Vince Young and the Titans, who's owner Bud Adams took the Oilers away from Houston 12 years ago.

This is Texans fan Will Garay.

"How important is it to beat the team that left Houston?"

"Very important, I wouldn't say payback but it it something that we need. It would be sweet."

Kickoff is at 7:30...that gives these fans at least another three or four hours to eat drink and be merry before it's time to get serious about the game.
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