Friday AM November 20th, 2009

shoppersFifty-five per cent of Texas consumers hope to spend more or about the same on the holidays compared to last year.ξ That includes non-gift spending on home/holiday furnishings, socializing away from home, entertaining at home and non-gift clothing.ξ Texans expect to spend $1,380, or 21 per cent higher than the national average of $1,145.ξ

Gift spending will be down seven per cent to $464, compared with $498 last year.ξ The average number of gifts Texans plan to purchase declined to 19.9 from 24.9 last year.ξ

Online purchases will make up a large part of the holiday shopping experience, according to Deloitte's Ed Tauriac.ξ

"What we found is that approximately 22 per cent of the Texans responding said that they plan on using social media as a mechanism to facilitate their shopping this year, whether it's mobile phones and also using coupons that are sent directly through the phone as part of that process, in addition to doing research actually on the PC itself."

More than half of Texans surveyed say they expect the economy to improve in 2010.ξ Ed Mayberry, KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.

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