A Hands on Approach in Forming an Energy Policy

George Richardson spent about three decades as an exploration geologist in the oil and gas industry.ξ He believes that policy makers will fashion a better policy if they get information from professionals with practical energy experience. He says he's not talking about people in top management.

"And, I only say that because I think that what you want is you want real experts who've dealt with these energy issues on a daily basis who know the ins and outs and practicalities of what really works are want doesn't work."

So, semi retired George Richardson found people like himself with backgrounds in various energy fields.

"One unifying thing was that every single member of this core group, is that we felt it was probably one of the few opportunities that we may well every get in our lifetime to really change an energy direction and put a real plan together."

Richardson says it has no specific political agenda nor does it promote one type of energy over another.

"We probably, if we're smart, we really need to really use a large portfolio of choices.ξ We need to have a broad energy base in this country.ξ We need to figure out how to clean all those choices up.ξ We need to figure out how to use them much more efficiently."

The U.S. Energy Policy Coalition, according to Richardson, will not be influenced by money.

"This is totally a pro bono effort.ξ This is not launched by any big companies or big societies. We have done this, and being the original founder of this thing is the, ah, six core experts and the societies are doing this because they believe in this direction."

The next step is the just launched web site U.S.Energy Policy Coalition-dot-org. Then it's by in large shopping the coalition to key leaders one at time. He says a number large organizations are on board, although not sponsoring the effort, and that's a big step toward making the energy coalition known.

George Richardson says he took up this mantel because you can complain about things or you can do something about them and that getting practical advice from people who've gotten their hands dirty may be the way to leave a lasting energy policy for future generations.

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