Wednesday AM November 4th, 2009

typing on laptopRetired Major General Dale Meyerrose has worked in IT-related fields for almost 40 years, starting in the Air Force.ξ So many people use cyber for everything from paying bills to getting money from ATMs, from grocery and gas purchases to social networking.ξ Meyerrose says Americans are concerned about how much of their personal information is spread.

"You know, the idea that many Americans go to grocery stores and give them information which allows those concerns to track what they buy, how often they buy, what they use, and personal information.ξ That's beyond personal information, that's personal habits.ξ Now of course the intent of the retail is to figure out how to better serve its customers and be more targeted and efficient about providing goods and services."ξ

Government regulation of cyber issues seem to come slowly, and General Meyerrose says that may be a good thing.

"When you try to govern human experience, it's not always good to be at the bleeding edge.ξ Sometimes we'd like to think of ourselves at the leading edge, but when you're at the bleeding edge, then you end up making mistakes that probably have more unintended consequences and are harder to fix.ξ So it doesn't bother me that our legislative process, which governs much of our culture and the way we deal and work with one another, but it doesn't need to be so far behind that it's out of touch, and in some places in cyber, I think we have a lot of catching up to do."ξ

Meyerrose says those growing up in a virtual world need to learn how to be cautious and aware of how their personal information is disseminated.ξ

Ed Mayberry, KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.


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