Constable Suspends Taser Use

The taser is supposed to be the weapon law enforcement use when it's necessary to control a suspect but deadly force.ξ

Yesterday, Taser International issued a warning to law enforcement not to aim the weapon at a person's chest. The concern is that the person could suffer a heart attack.

Upon hearing the warning, Harris County precinct six constable Victor Trevino is now telling his officers not to use them at all for the time being.

"I'd rather side with safety first. and make sure that the citizens aren't put in any kind of unnecessary risk. So I'd rather suspend it, do the complete research, get with out county attorney and if everything works outξOK re-implement it cause it's been very affective. It's been very positive."

The company has made it clear; this is not a safety warning, but rather a risk management recommendation. One police department has since told its officers to aim for the stomach. Trevino says he won't do that.

"I cannot feel comfortable knowing that if I let it go and someone is tased and it causes a heart attack that I knew. So I'd rather suspend it."

He says they use the taser about once a month. He's not sure how long it'll take to make a final decision.

Bill Stamps. KUHF—Houston Public Radio News.
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