Montrose, One of the Country's Best

It was once the home of notables like Lyndon B. Johnson and eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes. Now the American Planning Association cites the qualities of Montrose — from the eclectic mix of homes and businesses to to its carefully preserved historic districts —ξin naming it one of the country's 10 great neighborhoods. Paul Farmer

The announcement was made at the Menil Collection Museum, in the heart of the Montrose. Paul Farmer is chief executive officer of the American Planning Association.

"Each place sets a standard of excellence for planning, civic leadership and community engagement? And the outcomes?—Great communities and great places that are exceptional places to live, to work, to play and often just to reflect. It shows the leadership of elected officials, the contributions of businesses and neighborhood leaders, the hard work of engaged citizens and planners."

Sue LovellMayor Pro-tem Sue Lovell moved to the Montrose in 1970.

"It's been an incredible place for me to raise my family, simply because we have great museums; we have great park space; we have good schools; we have the best restaurants in the whole city of Houston, and actually we have the best community, the most diverse community. ξAnd I want to say, it's an example of what all of Houston can be as to what happensξ in Montrose."

It is the only place in Texas to be honored by the American Planning Association for its contribution to a community's quality of life.

PH, KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.ξξξξξξξξξ

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