Gulf Coast Subsidence

A recent study by the National Oceanigraphic and Atmospheric Administration discovered that coastal Louisiana is sinking at a much faster rate than expected. A local geologist says it is part of the ongoing dynamic nature of the earth.

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Arthur Berman is director of and he's editor of the Houston Geological Society bulletin.

Berman says this basin not only includes the Gulf of Mexico but ranges inland to central Louisiana and in Texas west to near the hill country. This is not a new phenomena.

Berman says it is true that pumping out ground water and oil and gas has an affect on subsidence, but he says geologically the basin has been subsiding long before any of that took place.

Berman says no one seriously contends subsidence is not taking place, the conflicts arise about how much, due to what and if it's a problem we should be concerned about--more on that when we continue this topic next monday morning.

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