Country Unprepared for Nuclear Strike

Government and private Homeland Security experts agree that the country is unprepared to deal with the aftermath of a nuclear strike on American soil. Analysts concede that an attack remains unlikely. However, there's still worry that the wake of the attack could be much worse than the strike itself.

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It's said that the real victims of terrorism are not the dead, but the survivors. For terrorism changes their lives the most. That's the thought if there was a nuclear detonation in the United States.

The impact of a nuclear strike could leave the country in disarray bereft of social institutions a functioning government structure. Even food and water. It's also possible a nuclear attack against the U.S. could trigger a wave of similar strikes...around the world. Democratic Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee serves on the House Homeland Security committee.

Republican Texas Senator John Cornyn says there's lots of material out there for a terrorist organization to make a weapon and then smuggle it into the U.S.

John Pike is the Director of the Defense and Intelligence website He says terrorist organizations are clear that they intend to either build a weapon of their own or maybe even steal one. But Pike says they're not there yet.

But Shiela Jackson Lee says terrorist organizations may be biding their time....waiting to acquire the right materials to level a cataclysmic blow against the United States.

Pandemonium ensues as a nuclear detonation changes everything...for the survivors like in this clip from a movie depicting the societal repercussions of a thermonuclear war with the Soviet Union.

There is the catastrophic death toll, radiation, infernos that rage for days. But the worst may be to come.

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