Firefighter Travels for Cancer Awareness

Now medically retired, Abundiz spent time in Houston being treated at MD Anderson. While he was here he stayed at Fire Station 33 on Fannin, just south of the medical center.ξ He says he's now able to return the favor.ξ

"I've actually had Captains and firefighters here have come up to me and said, hey, they saw what I was going through and because of meξ—ξthey went and got earlyξcancer screening and they really thanked me a lot.ξ So, that makes me very happy that I gave and they gave too."

While still recovering from one of his cancers, Abundizξtold his wife he wantedξto travel the country in a fire truck to takeξhis message of honor and hope to fire stations across theξcountry. He eventuallyξfounded Code 3 For A Cure and is on 8th stop of a 20-thousand mile journeyξthat will take him across the U.S. and Canada before returning the Los Angeles on November 21st.ξ

He says whileξCodeξξ3 For AξCure raises money to help firefightersξwith financial problems due to cancer, theξmain purpose at each fire station is to rise awareness about cancer.

"And that's what its about right now: trying to save lives by early cancer screening and not to limit your options and be too lateξ."

Abundiz says if firefighters can extinguish fires, they can extinguish cancer.ξ

For more information, visit the Code 3ξFor aξCure website.

Rod Rice. KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.
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