Fairmont Parkway No Longer a Tollway Consideration

The section of Fairmont Parkway in question runs between the Beltway in Pasadena and State Highway 146 in La Porte.ξξ

The Harris County Toll Road Authority had, for years, considered converting the seven-mile parkway into a toll road to help relieve traffic, and to provide a more efficient link to an important hurricane evacuation route. But neighbors of the parkway have repeatedly said they don't like the idea.ξ

They made their objections known, once again, at a public forum Monday evening, which Precinct Two County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia attended.

"Most of them were concerned about the impact on property values.ξ They were concerned about access to local retail shops.ξ Because if the parkway becomes a toll road, it's overhead, then people pass by all the places of business."

Even though the toll road won't happen, Commissioner Garcia says Fairmont Parkway will eventually undergo some sort of expansion.

"Because there is a lot of growth in that area.ξ And I forsee that probably in the next three or five years, we'll have to look at making another major improvement, but not a toll road."

Garcia says any further expansion will be the result of a collaborate plan between the mayors of the cities along the parkway, and the toll road authority.

Garcia adds there have already been improvements made to turning lanes, and the drainage system, although she concedes some parts of Fairmont Parkway still flood.ξ

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