Crazy Ants May Be Spreading

he ants get their name from Tom Raspberry, the Pearland exterminator who first discovered them and from the fact that they seem to move haphazardly, not in lines like other ants. Raspberry says he is not surprised that the ants are spreading.

"In my opinion, they're going to devastate the entire region of the United States.ξ I fell like it's going to a huge impact on the ecosystem.ξ We know that they eliminate most of the insects on a property once they've been established."

Raspberry says it's hard to control them if you don't know a lot about them.

"No one's funding any research. A&M is doing some research out of their own budget.ξ I think there's been a total of $30-thousand dollars of federal and state monies put in to it, which is not significant at all."

That —ξand the ants massive reproduction rate and the fact that it is spread by people and vehicles unknowingly, leaves Raspberry with a bleak view of controlling Crazy Ants anytime soon.



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