LNG Facilities Planned for Texas

Five liquefied natural gas facilities are planned for Texas, more than any other state. Some lawmakers are worried the energy bill, currently being debated, would allow the federal government to determine where these facilities will be built. This would override state and local concerns, but Texas lawmakers aren't worried.

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Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn says Texas would welcome additional liquefied natural gas facilities.

But opponents in California and New England are outraged about plans for facilities in their communities. They are worried about the national security risk of concentrated amounts of flammable gas. Cornyn says he's confident the facilities are safe.

Some activists are so upset, they're pressuring Democratic California Senator Dianne Feinstein to amend the energy bill to give states the power to stop facility construction. But her Democratic colleague Congressman Gene Green from Houston disagrees.

Supporters of liquefied natural gas facilities welcome the high paying jobs the plants would provide. Outside of Texas, 9 other facilities are under development.

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