EPA Says Houston Needs to Meet the FCAA

The EPA approved the state's air pollution permitting plan in 1992. Since then, Texas has submitted more than 30 requests to make changes to that plan.

In a statement today, the EPA says it intends to reject certain requests, although the agency didn't go into much detail on what it would say 'no' to. Generally, the EPA says Texas needs to do more to meet Federal Clean Air Actξrequirements.

One of the issues the EPA has with Texas is its public participation program. Last fall, the agency said the state didn't give people as much time to review and make comments on proposed air pollution permit decisions as other states give.

The EPA is required to make final decisions on the state's requested changes to the permitting process by the end of 2013. But the agency says it'll speed up that process, under a recent agreement with certain businesses.
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