Harris County Nabs Fugitives in Mexico

Librado Jimenez is charged with killing a father and son last year. He allegedly chased them in his truck after an argument and shot them both as they attempted to get away.

Jimenez fled to Mexico, where he was captured this week.

It's the fifth arrest made between the Mexican government and Harris County officials in recent weeks. Russell Turbeville with the Harris County District Attorney's Office calls it unprecedented.

"I think the Harris County District Attorney's Office is making a very concerted effort to pursue these people and that includes having better and closer relationships with the Mexican government. I also know the representatives from the Mexican government have contacted the district attorney's office in recent months and offered more cooperation."

Turbeville says the two governments realize people who commit crimes here often run to Mexico and the same is true of those across the border who escape to Texas.

Laurie Johnson. KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.

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