Repairing Houston's Airports

City Council approved two contracts for more than $15 million worth of repairs to Bush Intercontinental, Hobby and Ellington Field Airports. It's all Hurricane Ike-related and much of it is still in dispute with the city's insurance company.

Houston Mayor Bill White says they hope to have the claim settled this week.

"I was told that we would be better off using something that was a pretty good harder estimate, than a big range based upon guesswork. At various times I expressed dissatisfaction with the pace of the time that it took us to prepare our claim papers."

The airport repairs include a laundry list of items from roof work to drywall and carpet replacement. Intercontinental Airport alone accounts for $8 million in Ike related damages.

The city may have to seek FEMA assistance if the claim isn't fully settled.

"Insurance companies don't like to pay. If anybody says otherwise they just don't have all that much experience in dealing with insurance companies."

City officials hope to begin repairs at the airports before the one year anniversary of Hurricane Ike on September 13th.

Laurie Johnson. KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.

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