Americans are Cautious About Healthcare Reform

So cautious in fact that Dr. Ward Casscells says some healthcare reform is actually losing support.

"Requiring employers to offer insurance, except for the smallest businesses, requiring people to have insurance, taxing somebody, anybody to pay for it, these ideas are not supported by a majority."

Dr.Cassells is a Vice President at the UT Health Science Center at Houston and helped create the survey.ξ He says there are a number of things Americans do support including health insurance for everyone.

"They would love to see more focus on quality of care, incentives for performance, we got very strong endorsements also for fighting fraud, for standardizing medical forms, for reducing medical errors, for promoting living wills to reduce end of life costs."

Dr. Casscells admits that health surveys can be fickle because the issue is so complex and personal, but he thinks there may be a reason for more healthcare scrutiny now.

"As the deadline nears, this is sort of like getting married suddenly people are having cold feet. Many of us went through that, got over the cold feet and are still married."

The survey polled nearly 4000 people.


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