Famous Houston Actress Dies

Fans of 1940s movies and 1950s TV remember Gale Storm as a vivacious star who was always in a jam or trying to get a friend out of one.

Gale Storm was born Josephine Cottle in 1922 in a small town near Victoria, but she grew up in Houston. Right out of high school in 1940 she won a local talent show that was an early version of American Idol.ξ First prize was a trip to Hollywood where she won the national contest, a movie contract and a new name: Gale Storm.

After a dozen years in movies, Storm got into TV in 1952 with My Little Margie, and in 1956 with the Gale Storm Show. Storm's warm perky style was perfect for TV and both shows were hugely popular.ξ A talented singer, Storm also had several hit songs in the early 50s.
Storm retired from acting in the 60s, and years later she shocked her fans by confessing it was because she was an alcoholic. She recovered and committed herself to helping remove the stigma attached to alcoholism, especially for women.

Gale Storm. Dead at 87.ξ

Jim Bell, KUHF, Houston Public Radio News.

For more videos on Gale Storm, visit http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gale+storm&search_type=&aq=f.

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