Local Speller Almost Makes Finals of National Bee

Here was the word Aditya Chemudupaty heard from official pronouncer Dr. Jacques Bailey.

"Grenache. Grenache is widely planted in hot, dry regions all over the world."

Chemudupaty, who attends Nolan Ryan MIddle School in Pearland, couldn't decide between "gre" or "gra".

"G-r-e sounded better, but when I looked at it in my head, when I visualized it, "g-r-a" looked better, so I just went with it and then I heard the dreaded ding."

Turns out "grenache" is spelled "grenache". It's a type of grape used in winemaking. Chemudupaty says he had a great time at the spelling bee and hopes to return.ξ

"Next year will be my last year even though I'm only 12. I have to make it really, really good. There's always that little hopethat you'll make it on your first try, but I'm rather pleased with the result that I had."ξξ

He was one of about 300 contestants at the National Spelling Bee. He was sponsored by Houston PBS.

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