Economy Affecting Holiday Travel Plans?

In May of last year, high gas prices not only kept people from doing extra driving...the higher cost of jet fuel meant less travel bargains through the air as well. But what a difference a year makes. Triple A estimates 2.25 million Texans will travel this Memorial Day weekend.

Houston's Rick Landry isn't going anywhere, but it's not because of the economy.

"I mean, we're doing OK. I think the economy is affecting everyone in a certain way but we just have to find a way to bounce back."

It's the same story with Nikki Johnson of Houston. Her family plans to haveξtheir traditional Memorial Day crawfish boil. The economy hasn't changed that.

"Well, fortunately, I have a steady job that we get great pay for."

Jimmy Gibson is also fortunate to be working...but he's staying around town and saving his money just in case.

"I'd like to usually go camping at this time but I just now started a job and I been at my job for eight months, so I'm just trying to get back on my feet again."

Local law enforcement is reminding people not to drink and drive and to buckle up even if you're just driving around town. Officers will be out looking for lawbreakers.

Bill Stamps, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.
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