Texans Hit the Roads

Over the course of the past month, gas prices have gone up about .25 cents per gallon. Even so, drivers are paying about $1.40 less than at this time last year. And AAA Texas Spokesperson Sarah Schimmer says people seem ready to hit the roads.

"While the economy remains in a recession, nationally Americans are traveling on this vacation holiday and AAA anticipates that will increase 1.5% from 2008 with approximately 32.4 million travelers nationwide this weekend. And that's an increase over last year."

Right now gas prices in Houston average $2.22 a gallon. That's .14 cents cheaper than the national average. Schimmer says two and a quarter million Texans will travel this weekend, and the vast majority of them will drive.

"The people are ready to travel, there's pent up demand. They're ready to get on the roads and sometimes when people put off a vacation or don't travel for a year, they tend to want to travel more the next year and spend a little bit more since they haven't taken that trip."

Texans account for about seven percent of travelers total in the country. And if you are hitting the roads, remember gas prices traditionally go higher as the summer progresses.

Laurie Johnson. KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.

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