Another Chance to Draw Bolivar's Blueprint for Recovery

Tonight's gathering will be the second open house event. Galveston County Emergency Management Coordinator John Simpson says there have been hundreds of comments from public outreach meetings and last month's open house. This evening, there's the chance to see displays on a variety of topics.

"They'll be able to see where their comments from previous meetings have been taken into account. They'll be able to see some pretty neat displays that discuss the vision and goals of this strategy."

Some of the display topics on view include housing, the environment, parks and tourism and education. Simpson says even though there are recovery displays, new ideas are always welcome.

"That's okay, this is a citizen-driven process, and we want to do a project that the public is proud of and represents their interests."

After tonight's event, a draft of the Bolivar Blueprint will be made, and then additional meetings for public input will be scheduled. Rod Rice, KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.
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