The Front Row, Wednesday, 05/06/2009

MECA — Multi-Cultural Education and Counseling through the Arts — presents Cinco on Cinco, a recital of Euiropean and Latin-American classical chamber music for piano, winds and strings celebrating Mexico's national holiday of liberation, Cinco de Mayo.ξThe concert is Friday night atξ8:00PM at MECA headquarters in the former Dow School Building on Kane St. Pianist Omar Herrera-Arizmendiξand other musicians on the program gather in the Geary Performance Studio for aξpreview. Listen. Download.ξListen. Download.

KUHF's Catherine Lu speaks with National Geographic Society Fellow, Fredrik Hiebert,ξcurator of the exhibition, Afghanistan: Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul.ξIt's on display only for another week-and-a-half, through Sunday, May 17th, in the Museum of Fine Arts Houston's Audrey Jones Beck Building. Listen. Download. *Extended Interview*

Bayou City art-car artists Bryan Taylor and Kenny Browning will behind the wheels of their mobile creations, "Santa Car Three" and "Iron Maiden and Partyy Boat" in Houston'sξ22ndξAnnual Art Car Parade, hosted by The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art.ξThe 250 cars and drivers will begin assembling Saturday at 11:00A-M at the Starting Line at Allen Parkway and Taft Street.ξThe Parade itself gets underway at One, and makes its way down east-bound Allen Parkway into downtown.ξTaylor and Browning chat with TFR Producer Bob Stevenson about what it takes to transform an automobile into a work of art. Listen. Download.

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